Ego Actus

Ego Actus is a theatre company that puts on productions directed by Joan Kane. Joan Kane also directs plays independent of this theater company.

Ego Actus (production company) is Latin for “My Way.” In 2009, Joan Kane and Bruce A! Kraemer created an independent theatre in company dedicated to doing art for art’s sake. Each artist brings his or her own way of creating to our shows and we unify them into a collective “my way.” Joan directs and Bruce designs, they both produce. Everything we have presented to date has been in Manhattan or Europe, plus one show in Philadelphia and another on Governors Island.

off Broadway shows

Joan Kane has directed all Ego Actus off-Broadway shows included Play Nice! at 59e59 theaters, I Know What Boys Want at Theatre Row and Sycorax, Cyber Queen of Qamara at HERE.

in Europe

Joan Kane directed the Ego Actus productions of both Safe and what do you mean in the East to Edinburgh Festival and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. She brought both Kafka’s Belinda and The Telegram to the Prague Fringe festival and sent The Metamorphosis to Prague and Budapest.


In addition to the festival shows listed elsewhere on this site, Joan has directed and produced 25 festival shows in 10 different festivals including the Edinburgh, New York and Prague Fringes, the United Solo Festival at Theatre Row and FringeArts in Philadelphia, plus several others in New York City.


Joan’s Ego Actus shows have been nominated for 61 awards, winning 21. She has had three plays average 83 or better on Show Score and two of those became Trending Shows.

stand alone shows

Joan has also directed 23 stand alone shows for Ego Actus including Equity productions at Theatre Row, HERE, Theater for a New City, Urban Stages, and the WorkShop Theater.


Ego Actus is affiliated with the League of Independent Theater and Fractured Atlas.