No Fall My Hand

Joan Kane directed No Fall My Hand by Amy Losi at Theater 54 in Shetler Studios in the 2020 Strawberry Short Play festival in February, 2020.


Two women meet in a hospital ICU wing and strike up a conversation in the waiting room. Jibola is a traumatized hospice nurse from Nigeria, and Beth is an older Jewish woman taking care of her ex-husband who is dying. The two women misunderstand each other and clash over their differences until they discover that they share a common history of spousal abuse. The women start to connect over their shared experiences. At the end of the play, they discover that their bond is even stronger than they had realized. 


The show featured Esther Ayomide “Ayo” Akinsanya, Amy Losi and Emma Mueller


The set was by Joan Kane, lights and sound were by Bruce A! Kraemer, the stage manager was Sabrina Morabito.


The production advanced to the semi finals of the festival and was nominated for Best Costumes, Best Set and Best Video Diary. Ayomide “Ayo” Akinsanya was named Best Actress.

photos credit Bruce A! Kraemer