Garrett, the Blue Giraffe

Garrett, the Blue Giraffe by Coni Koepfinger, directed by Joan Kane was produced by Sacred Stages llc. The show opened at the Hudson Guild, 44 West 26th St, NYC in the New York Theater Festival on July 20, 2015.


Dubbed the Velveteen Rabbit for New Age adults, Garrett, the Blue Giraffe is the tale of a sad and lonely giraffe who seeks to understand his inner turmoil of wanting to be a rhino. He is considering molecular reconstruction but when he makes a divine appointment with Israfel, his heavenly counselor, he learns who just who he really is and why it’s important to be true to himself.


The cast featured Sandra Bargman* and Pooya Mohseni*


Choreography by Carly Otte and Robert Raeder, set by Julie Hoffman, costumes by Costas Tzanedakis, lights and TD Jak Prince, by sound by Lani Cerveris Cataldi, some graphics by Bruce A! Kraemer. Lana Bruckner was the stage manager.


*These actors appear courtesy of Actors Equity